When you lose your name.

Asking around about what you call your agency, someone told us…just slap your name on the door. So we did. Yep, formally known as Gray & Gray Advertising. G+G was born out of a big global agency who got upset that we would not team with them on a project. For those of you in the business you may know who I am talking about. For those of you not it’s is a company called Grey. Yes, they asked us to team with them on a pitch, but we had signed an exclusive partnership with another global shop and won the business. We thought nothing of it until we got the legal papers to stop using our name. It was a David and Golith type of a story. A small American Indian Agency in New Mexico was by no means a threat to a global group like Grey and at the time we did not have the money to fight anybody. So, G+G was born. We still have some clients who refer to us as Gray & Gray, but don’t tell Grey. Well a year goes buy and the plane ticket picture above is the ticket where I was seated right next to the president of Grey. Let’s just say he got an ear full.

We actually have some great relationships and partnerships with many of these Goliths and more importantly other minority agencies. For the most part the world of collaboration is a wonderful way to get things done in this business. A little shout out to those who we have worked with……